East Montgomery County Historical Society

Montgomery County, in its infancy was one of the largest in the state. East County lies in the most South Eastern portion of the County.

The pioneer spirit was at its zenith as our ancestors loaded only the barest of necessities into wagons and forged onward into the unknown. Our forefathers braved illness, famine, harsh weather both hot and cold, rain and drought, encounters with tribes of Indians and the ever present mosquitoes that bore diseases. They came to Texas from all parts of the country with the promise of free or at the most very inexpensive land. Still they trudged onward. Their bravado paved the way for the Texas spirit to reach new frontiers. Apprehension about the unknown was far overshadowed by the fervor of settling in a new place to begin a fresh start in life. Moderate temperatures and rich fertile soil for farming, plentiful game, abundant timber, numerous rivers, creeks and bayous made East County a near ideal place to call home. Forestry, lumber and saw mills were only a part of the opportunity realized here. The proximity to the Moonshine Hill and the Conroe oilfields provided local residents the option to work in either industry. As the railways were laid, transportation of people and product became more readily available. Schools and churches were raised and entrepreneurial businessmen capitalized on the influx of settlers.


  • In the interest of paying tribute to our rich history and to our ancestors who "laid the bottom rail" the East Montgomery County Historical Society was formed in March 2007.
  • Our board of directors is made up of proud sixth and seventh generation descendants of those early settlers. Many members also boast of long family history in East County; however we welcome newcomers too and we are positive that they got here as soon as they could!
  • There were five major towns in the East County area; Fostoria, Grangerland, New Caney, Porter and Splendora with several others that faded into obscurity.
  • Our goal is to research and preserve as much of the history of each of them as possible. The stated mission of our Society aims to foster an appreciation of the importance of local and family history and provide to all who come, the tools and techniques to research and then document their own families and ancestors.