East Montgomery County Historical Society

In New Caney

This depot was built in 1896-97 to replace the original one built in 1877. It remained in use, well into the 1950s. April 24, 1958 the Texas and New Orleans Railroad Company sold the vacated structure to a local resident, Walker Garrett, who moved it to a location off Cadenhead Road. The depot sat in the woods, unused for many years, except for occasional vagrants. A local history enthusiast , Dr. William Kimbrough, learned of its whereabouts and purchased the New Caney Depot from Garrett's daughter, Catherine Grigsby, May 3, 1983. Fortuitously, local teacher and now member of the Montgomery County Historical Commission, Anna Shepeard, learned of the location of the depot from one of her students. She was advised to wear boots and bring a 'snake stick'. Thanks to her efforts we have the pictures of the depot. Sadly, those pictures and the memories of some of our wonderful 'Old Timers are all remain. The depot burned just a while after Anna's mission. The officials suspected arson or possibly the vandals accidentally set the fire. Just another piece of history vanished forever.